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Protect your skin and keep it hydrated. Both the creams joined together to give your skin the best supplements naturally.


INGREDIENTS: Licorice + Fenugreek + Almond (Badam Taila) + Madujam  (Beeswax)  + Vitamin A & E + Glycerin

DESCRIPTION: This gel cream is compatible with all skin types and offers a unique set of benefits. A water-based formulation that is lightweight in texture and easily absorbed into the skin. It hydrates and refreshes the skin without leaving a film of residue. It also has a plumping effect on the appearance of the skin, which makes it look more energised, youthful, and less prone to aging. This gel stays put and feels calming & soothing all day long.

DIRECTION OF USE:  Apply as often as your heart desires on clean dry skin for immediate hydration and plump skin.


INGREDIENTS: Almond Milk + Calendula + Madujam (Beeswax) + Tila Taila + Distilled Water + SPF30

    DESCRIPTION: This formulation has been specially created as a weapon against the sun. It acts as a shield against the harmful UV & UVB+ rays which penetrate and adversely damage the skin tissues whenever there is sun exposure. It does not only protect your skin from sunburn but also simultaneously reduces the appearance of sun damage, discolorations, and dark spots. It also prevents sagging, leathery skin, and wrinkles. This product, also helps your skin maintain the overall tone & health of your skin.

    DIRECTION OF USE: Apply evenly onto your skin before stepping out in the sun. Reapply every 2-3 hours for maximum protection.


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