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Men also need grooming – Lockdown learning – Part 2

So I am back with my second blog on “Men also need grooming”. I had no intentions of doing a second part, but then something happened, and I thought of sharing it with you all.

I got my most awaited Haircut, the wife took the newly added weapons (hair trimmers), learnt the art of Home Hair grooming (which I assumed she did) and gathered all the confidence to take up this Act (she sounded very confident).

The Haircut started. I was worried as usual. Refer to my earlier blog how important hair is for me. I was holding a mirror in front of me to ensure that nothing went wrong. Wife, who started very confidently, began showing signs of fading confidence, and I was worried. She started off with the trimmer and chose the back of my head for obvious reasons, I won’t be able to see what’s happening with my hair. I could sense all her learnings were somewhat fading and she was shaking (she started shouting at me, her nervousness was evident). Then came the tricky part, the sides which were kind of visible to me in the mirror I was holding. I checked my back of the head was somewhat alright as I felt maybe the Haircut is going fine and as per my expectation.

Before I move forward, I expected to trim the sides and back while keeping the length of the hair somewhat intact in the centre of my head, giving a slope on the sides and at the end.

So the sides, there I started seeing what was happening, I felt I am heading towards a disaster as the Haircut was more like “Bowl Haircut” (Yuck). My meltdown started, which made my wife more nervous, and at this point, she decided to change the weapon from the trimmer to scissor. Yes scissor, my nightmare, I got a premonition that whatever happens I won’t be getting the Haircut as I had expected and I was worried that my nightmare might come true (Refer Blog 1, of this series).

Then the entire haircut session took a funny turn; my wife was shifting back and forth between a trimmer and the scissor. She took the trimmer and started trimming the hair on the centre of my head and suddenly she plucked a bunch of hair from the middle of my head. I could easily sense that part of my head was bald as the hair was plucked from the roots. Then suddenly she took the scissors and the comb, measured the front of my hair to reduce the length from the front. I felt my confident wife was back at which point my housekeeper shouted “Bhabhi ye kya kar diya”, this sounded worrying to me, and I looked at myself in the mirror, the length of the hair was reduced much more than I had hoped. I came to know wifey cut the hair, instead of below the comb than above the comb. At this point, all hopes were lost, and I left my Haircut on God. I closed my eyes and let my wife finish her experiment.

Well, the experiment got over, and I had my most awaited Haircut completed, but it was nowhere close to what I had expected. Still, my wife kept insisting that I am looking good (she even went on to say that when we got married, I had this small hair and it was one of the reasons for selection).

I would leave it to you guys to decide whether she did an excellent job or not (check my Before and After pictures). And for the learning after this whole incident, first never have any expectations, because if they aren’t met, it feels miserable. Second, don’t make your wife nervous at the time of serious matters, things can go out of hand. Lastly, you cannot get a Salon like a Haircut at home, so stop dreaming and let that be a distant dream.


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