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Today’s children are exposed to ever-increasing rates of violence. We often associate this violence with schools, but what about violence in the church setting?

The lockdown has certainly given transformation to humans. Even the most boring lot that was only surviving on shuttling between office and home have discovered their talents. These days, I notice my social media windows flooded with cooking videos, singing debuts, dance performances, live poetry, sketches and whatnot. But the most strange ones are those who started predicting the future of the human race based on their sheer knowledge derived from the news channels.

I make an honest attempt every day not to watch news channels or read any such information on the internet that disturb my peace of mind. Still, at the end of each day, I have complete data on the pandemic situation that too country and city wise. Credit goes to my friends and family as they do also make a sincere effort every day to feed me with the COVID-19 information as much as possible. I think when they get a hint that I am not responding to their FB status or Whatsapp forwards then they do the real effort by calling me and asking me “How do I feel about lockdown?”. My answer to them in chirpy voice is “I am enjoying it”. I am sure after listening to my answer, they either jumped out of their chairs or must have thought of me as a heartless woman. After disconnecting the call, they must be calling me a Pscyo too, but I find them weird that they won’t stop cursing 2020 and blaming the “Poor” year with all the possible allegations.

And suddenly my memory goes back to the movie “Tare Zameen Par” to Amir Khan’s dialogue when he is giving the reference of Solomen Island to Ishaan’s father. He says “Khayal Karna Isi ko kehte hain na? Mujhe ye sunkar khushi hui ki aapko lagta hai ki aap khayal karten hai.” (“Isn’t this what is called caring? I am glad to hear that you think you do care.”)
Another critical point raised is the influence “words” can have on people. Nikumbh (Amir Khan) tells him of the Solomon Islands where the people don’t cut off any unwanted tree but gather around cursing and abusing it, indirectly telling us that the arrows of hurtful words can destroy even the brave-hearted. Words can make or break a person or a situation. A slap will never have the same effect that a harsh word has.

Aren’t we doing the same by cursing and abusing 2020 all the time? 2020 is not only carrying the burden of the virus but also of every death in the world today, in whatever circumstance it may be.

My husband says that I am singing the opposite notes these days. I agree to him as I feel that 2020 is not only going to be the best year of my life but for the entire human race and earth.

We are discreetly following lockdown and social distancing for which we need to pat our backs. Most of us have not stepped outside for almost five weeks now. We are enjoying (at least trying) small pleasures in Ramayan, Mahabharat and ludo. I think we are doing great except for playing the game of blaming 2020.

Honestly, the lockdown has not affected me. Yes, I do miss my office time, work, colleagues and clients but I can’t deny that the same has complimented with the me-time, family bonds and creative streaks. For the monetary loss, I know that universe is opening up an abundance once this war is over.

The upside-down of our lifestyle is turning us into more sensitive, generous, patient and kind. Subconsciously, we are learning the biggest lesson of our lives – “to surrender”. I think it was required as we all were arrogantly trying to control our lives and surroundings. The ultimate happiness comes from “let go”, but the Nobel thought with our limited knowledge was only confined to our Whatsapp status. Our subconscious mind is doing its bit to bring the best to us, but we also need to put some conscious efforts to utilise the present time to stay happy and optimistic.

Though we all know, what makes us happy. I am sharing my to-do list to stay positive in today’s strange time.

Meditate – 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour whatever time and effort you can put here will bring you bliss. Meditation is the must daily inclusion we need to have in our lives. Wake up half an hour earlier from your usual wake up time and make the best use of it.

Workout – We feel good when we look good. The happy hormones secreted while working out can make you feel the potential contender for Miss Universe 2021. Take out half an hour to pamper yourself by practising any workout form as per your temperament. Darling, brooming and sweeping can’t compensate it. So, stop the excuses.

Eat Moderate – The social media posts of baking and cooking are putting women under pressure to try new recipes every day. It’s interesting in the way of learning a new skill, but be kind to your tummy. Refrain from binge eating. It will only make you overweight.

Watch what you consume – Do not overload your brain with excessive information through TV and social media. Watch, read and speak wisely.

Pursue – Turn your dreams into reality. Remember, you always wanted to play the guitar or spend time on gardening. It will be different for different people but remain exclusive to everyone. So, this is the time to be a genie for yourself. Do what makes you happy and carefree. No one is around to judge you now 🙂

By this time I am sure, if not fully but partially, your perspective on 2020 has got changed. Remember, “Nothing lasts forever – not even your troubles.” says Arnold H. Glasow. It too shall pass.

Stay Home and Stay happy! 🙂



Vidhi Rta P.

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