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BAD HAIR TO BAND HAIR- By Abhishek Pandey

Men also need grooming –Lockdown learning

We are on day 45th of this most talked about word of 2020, LOCKDOWN.

So when all the offices, malls, shops, SALONS were decided to be shut for tackling this COVID-19 situation. I was personally so happy that I will be able to relax, will not have to fight with my alarm for waking up, will not have to show my bias to certain clothes, while getting ready for office, will not have to dip myself into hair cream for my hair grooming. I was relaxed, alarms have been put on-off mode, forgotten about my shirts & trousers while shorts and T-shirts have become my favourites, and hair cream, yes hair cream oh where is it, probably getting dust in front of the mirror.

That was all good I would say till 30 days from the lockdown, and then it started, the challenge of managing my hair. I remember I used to have decent long hair during my college days, but then they were college days, and I was in my late teens and early twenties. Now I am in my late 30s, which means I need to maintain my hair, I need to look sombre during the Team calls.

Salons were a distant dream, so I decided to take the risk of getting my haircut done at home with the help of my wife. Thanks to so many videos where wives were helping their husbands in hair grooming, Anushka did a haircut for Virat. I got the confidence and asked my wifey to give me the haircut. The day was decided, and I prepared myself for the lockdown haircut the next day. I slept, and the next morning I woke up scared. I had a dream, or rather a nightmare. My dream, my wife was giving me a haircut, and by mistake, she had cut my ear. My confidence just vanished, and I was running scared. I didn’t tell her the dream because that would have added fuel to the fire of not trusting her, so I told her that I am deciding to grow my hair. I escaped the dream, but my nightmare was still on my head, my growing hair. Though my wife did come to my rescue, her hair bands are my permanent partners now. I wear them all the time to keep away the Men’s Bad Hair Day scenario.

Parallel, I didn’t lose hope of getting my hair trimmed and then I decided to see different videos of home haircutting – the thing I noticed that most home hair grooming was done by hair trimmers and not by scissors. Yes, the scissors were the weapon I saw in my dreams which cut my ear. So I decided to log in on e-commerce websites to buy hair trimmers.

It is always advisable to do thorough research before buying products online, because you land upon these apps confused and end up buying more than what is needed. Today I have three hair trimmers at my home from 3 different brands.

I am yet to get my hair trimmed because the wife needs to see a lot of videos before I gain confidence that my haircut will be alright. IT’S A MATTER OF MY HAIR, AND I NEED TO BE DOUBLE SURE. Till then, my wife’s hair band is my partner.

So on this 45th day of the lockdown, I have got this learning, men also have challenges in life. Hair Grooming isn’t easy without your regular haircuts, and with this COVID-19 everything else can be shifted to online, but Salons seems like a distant dream.

To all the men who are facing the hair challenge, make hair band your best friend. Do thorough research before buying trimmers online (in fact buying anything online) and ask whoever is going to trim your hair to prepare themselves before the actual hair trimming. Till then keep fighting this hair challenge

Signing off

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